J. Simone, dubbed the luxury car of poets for her power and performance has been seen on countless stages, from S.O.B’s in New York to the Amphitheater in Honolulu.  From Toronto to Los Angeles, Seattle to Miami, she has blazed stages and changed lives. Also a media darling, she has been featured on television and in print, while gaining additional fans as a radio and Internet personality on The J. Simone Experience. 
​Dominating the erotica genre, as well as women’s empowerment and activist works, this revolutionary vixen is comfortable in any pair of shoes, but seems partial to 5 inch heels! This dynamic artist is a keynote speaker and teaches workshops on finding your voice through poetry, healing through art, empowerment and sensuality/sexuality.

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Ms. Simone is the creator of  Ophelimity, an adult sensuality/ sexuality educational organization. You should have a workshop!

The latest CD, The J. Simone Effect is now available. You can buy singles or the entire CD here on CD Baby, or see her at a show to obtain a signed copy.

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